Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunny Cold Sunday

Nothing beats where I live when the rain stops!

The weather at the moment is cold and crispy (-5c) with blue skies and sun.

 I love that even though we live a 5 minutes drive from the city centre, we are also a 5 minute walk away from many beautiful places, either the lake, mountain or woodland. 

This means we could head out the door and cross the road to feed the ducks.The boys grabbed their scooters and we were off.

They had fun scooting along on the ice! Not the safest thing and they took turns slipping, sliding and falling over, but they survived (well, almost - but no broken bones and great gross motor skill practice).  

No snow, but a really thick layer of ice and frost. The lake was totally frozen (I see lake ice skating in our near future:).

Finally it was time for the serious business of feeding the ducks. 

Tae still feels the need to shout in his loudest voice to the ducks. "Ducks, come and get the bread...come on ducks, here it issssss!!!" Not too helpful;) I think we have the only duck pond with traumatized ducks!

Tig kept on eye on our duck feeder, while Tim went off exploring. He kept trying to break the ice and to see how deep it was.

I just went around snapping photos and playing with my new camera lens that the above mentioned boys got me for Christmas:)))

This year I am going to try to be better at actually appearing in photos with my boys, so they have a record I was there! So I let Tig have the camera (Yes, I am very protective of my Nikon;) and catch a photo of Tim and I.

I know we are stood on a slope, but he is seriously catching up to me. #slowdown #dontgrowup

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  1. The pictures are gorgeous and I would be precious too if I had a Nikon!

    Awww - I think you last sentence said it all - slow down - don't grow up. It all moves along so quickly.