Thursday, 24 January 2013

Skating on the Lake

The lakes have been frozen for over a week now (Yep, it's been -10c quite a bit this week brrr!), and we have not had a chance to get out on them. Since the weather is suppose to to warm up after the weekend we thought we had better be quick.

Tim caught the Metro straight from school with his friend B and met me as I finished work. Right next to my school is our local lake which is approved for skating. I had my skates with me, but since Tim had his friend it meant my ankle could take a rest.

The boys had so much fun.

They raced right to the other side of the lake - leaving me on bag duty! So I slowly made my way over to watch them.

Apart from racing, they did tricks; they tried hopping while skating on one foot and jumping off a rock, both were quite entertaining.

Obviously, since Tim is now a cool sixth grader, he had to take his coat off (It was soooo cold)..

After a while they found an old popped ball and a long stick and played SlÄball;)
Hopefully we will have a chance to skate on the lake again, otherwise it will be back to the local ice rink. But we loved it while we could:)

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