Sunday, 20 January 2013

Game Time!

This afternoon the sky was clear blue and it was a crispy -9c outside.

We had a discussion regarding what to do - ice skating, a walk, a cycle ride or family games? 

Games won!!

We have not really played any formal board games with Tae as a whole family before, and it was very interesting watching him grasp the rules.

When we started out, patience was not a strength. Taking turns with only mummy is one thing, but waiting for Pappa AND Tim to have a go too was quite a challenge;)

After a while, he got a lot better and it was fun watching him read his card and move his own counter with varying degrees of help.

Once Candy Land was over, we moved onto a new game Tim received for Christmas called 'Norge Rundt'.

The whole of Norway is divided into 4 areas and you are given 4 cards from each area with cities and towns on.

The person to visit each of their places wins. There are also chance cards and Norwegian history and geography questions along the way!!

As it was quite a complicated game, Tae acted as official dice thrower for us all so he could still play a part. 

I was very surprised how much fun this game was as you had to really plan your route. It is also great for learning Norwegian geography!!

I will mention that both Tig and Tim are slightly competitive when it comes to playing games. We ran out of time to finish the game, but for the record - I was winning:))

Earlier in the day Tae had fun playing hide and seek with Tig. We really have to work on his hiding skills - apart from giggling very loudly from his spot, he took the 'I can't see you, so you can't see me approach:)

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