Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sleepy Head

When Tae needs to sleep nothing can stop him. He usually doesn't cry or fuss, he just quietly drops off. It can be in a car, on a plane, a shopping trolley or at the table!

During our holiday he was so active. He played constantly by the pool or on the beach. We would stop for lunch around 1-2pm. However on four occasions my little munchin could not make it. He would be full steam until he sat down.

Then this.......

The first time it happened, Tim and I were chatting and looked over to see he had quietly nodded off.

On this occassion he really tried to keep himself awake.

Yes, he is actually still trying to chew his food whilst half asleep.

My tired little man

Once we had all finished lunch, it was off to the room with a sound asleep boy.

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