Saturday, 27 August 2011

Just a T-Shirt

Here it is......

....... just a regular t-shirt, how be it cute one, right??

However, it stands for much more than that.

Everytime I get it out of the draw, it reminds me of how much Tim adores and loves his little brother.

He may sometimes complain that Tae can be slightly annoying when he is trying to press all the keys on his computer, but that doesn't stop him from always being in his corner.

This can be from playing with him, helping him or finding toys, cute outfits and treats that he 'knows' his little brother would love and need while we are out shopping together;)

Tim showed me this t-shirt in the shop. I explained that I had spent quite enough money on Tae's clothes and he had plenty.

However, Tim was inisistant that this t-shirt was REALLY cute and trendy and his brother needed to have it!!

So, do you know what he did? He used his whole weeks pocket money and bought it for him himself.

He did it without a second thought, and trust me, the boy loves collecting his own money!!

This is not the only time my kind, selfless boy has spent his own pocket money on his little brother.

Only this summer he used over one third of his whole holiday allowance to buy Tae a small toy car that he knew he'd love.

All his thoughtfulness come with the best quotes:
"It feels so much nicer to give a present to someone that really appreciates it than to get them"
"Mummy Id really love it if one day, Tae could eat cheese again" (me.."why is that?") " because it used to be his favourite thing in the whole world, just like a lollypop and I know how much he'd really like to eat it again"

So, yes this is just a t-shirt, but it also an example of my gorgeous boy and how much he loves his little brother.

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