Sunday, 21 August 2011

End of the Summer

The end has finally arrived. We have had 8 weeks of fun and travels, but now the rain has returned and its time to start a new school year.

I officially started back at work last week to plan and and get ready for the students. However, they have their first day of school tomorrow. 

That also means Tim is back to school too!! I can't believe he will be a 5th Grader. Time has certainly gone fast!!

Unfortunatley that also means, for a while at least, there will be no more flights...

Gruffalo has been placed in the attic:(

No more hanging out at our favourite local beaches....

No more boat trips.....

...... basically goodbye long lazy days spending time together with no agenda.

So, here we are, headed to life at a different pace, with all the activities, layers of clothing and fun opportunties to look forward to:)

This weekend has been a last minute rush to get organised and get everything ready. Due to going away last weekend (when I was suppose to get organised;) I had lots to do.

It has been a whirlwind of decluttering, vaccing, mopping, laundry washing, ironing on labels, packing school bags, and nail clipping.

We did manage to squeeze in a bit of family time including playing the Wii and watching a film together once Tae was in bed.

So by Sunday afternoon noone felt like cooking and we didnt feel like heading into town to a restaurant, so for the first time this summer we visited the place of the yellow arches!!!

It is not our usual choice, but Tim thought it was a great treat and an appropriate way to celebrate the end of the summer holidays. Mr Tae also appreciated the idea too.

Now Im getting used to the idea, I am quite looking forward to autumn days, log fires, candles and a bit of skiing once the winter kicks in;)

To cap it off, here are a few of my favourite pictures of Tim & Tae as they enjoyed the summer of 2011.

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