Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pool Time!

Im not a big fan of the beach, but I love pools. So, once the boys were tired of hanging out at the beach I happily took them back to the pool area!! The pools were great, four altogether and salt water.
 We tended to place ourselves at the one which had a shallow area so that Tae could potter in and out of the water.

Both boys had a blast around the pool. Most days at 11am Tim joined in with the water polo game. He was very pleased to often be a top scorer on his team! Both boys did not stop until sun down everyday. (someone was even known to fall asleep at the lunch table a few times:)

There was lots of playing games together, alone and with Tig and I!!! Its amazing the happiness a few plastic toys can bring.

Tae also loved the floaty suit we bought for him and used it most days to stay safe by the water:)

 Jumping in the water

Relaxing at my favourite spot!!

 Loving his boat.

 Tae sharing his lolly with Tim

Smiley boy!

 His beloved Thomas bucket!

Hours of fun

Getting really good at the bat and ball in the water

Happy in his ring

Catch time!

Chillin' out

 Into the pool with Tim's goggles on

Love my boys!!!

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