Saturday, 23 August 2014

Introducing My First Grader

My little man is now a school boy!

He has been very excited the last few week about starting school.

We went out and bought him a special school bag and pencil case. His bag seemed huge on him.

When the big day arrived he proudly posed for photos before we left.

The day started with all the new Grade One children meeting in the playground before assembling in the school hall.

They all sat on benches with the parents on chairs behind.

One by one their names were called out and they had to stand up and walk over to shake the hand of the head teacher.

They were then given their name cards by their class teacher and went over to stand on the small stage.

Tae became very quiet and nervous when we entered the school hall and put on his serious face.

Once in the classroom, they had circle time with the teacher while the parents watched. They then had to complete a worksheet on rhyming words.

Once completed, it was out into the playground for morning break and time for me to leave.

He had a great first day and week!!

Every day when I collected him he has been full of smiles and talkative telling me all about his day.

One classic is from their trip day exploring the mountain on Wednesday, guess who fell in the stream while pretending to fish? Yep my little man! He was still happy and felt it added to the experience!

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