Sunday, 17 August 2014

Friend Time

While in the UK, I had a chance to pop on a train to visit my gorgeous, beautiful best buddy who usually resides in Hong Kong. 

Logistics to meet are not always straight forward, but we squeezed in a record two vists this summer:)

We had to manage a second visit as my other best bud F, was going to be there.

It was great to have the time and space to just 'hang out' and have fun.

It is wonderful to catch up and just 'be' with people who totally get you.

I know you read this: 'love you K!!'

Over the 3 days we had together, we managed to do quite a lot -  even with a 'go with the flow', chill out agenda.

When I reflected back we had quite a list.

Swimming in an outdoor pool (OK - I may have been the one watching whilst you all had control of my kids;)

Eating lots of yummy food and ice cream.

Thank you F, for teaching my children to eat raspberries off their fingers!!

Watching a Town Cryers competition.

Splashing about in the paddling pool.

Feeding the ducks

Playing at the local park.

Age was no barrier to the fun!

Also fitted in: Assembling light fittings, bathing cheeky children, catching up with your gorgeous family, drinking bubbles and sleeping in the garden tree house for Tim!!

Sadly, I think the highlight for Tae was disappearing into the box!
(I cannot believe I did not get a photo of THE box;)

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