Sunday, 10 August 2014

Arcade Time

We squeezed in quite a lot into our day trip to Blackpool.

First a little shopping, followed by lunch.

A couple of hours on the beach followed by the arcades:)

I handed each child 5 pounds and off they went. The three older boys were given strict instructions to stay together and I went off with Tae.

My mum sat on bag duty next to a fan;) - In fairness, Tae and I spent most of our time on the slots right next to her.

I expected that it would take around 20 minutes for all the money to run out - how wrong could I be!!!

Great value for money entertainment - we had to drag them out over one hour later and they each had around one pound left.

I may add Tae and I had happily gambled our money away and took some of the older boys left over cash too.

Cousin C, loved the Guitar Hero game and Tim and Cousin T played a few other games against each other. 

Everyone loved the 2p slot machines.

I have converted both my boys to my secret addiction. The Coin Dozer - drop box money game!!

However, at 2p a go, your money does go far.

So much fun, apologies to my sister for taking her children gambling;)

Once we emerged into the sunshine, we grabbed some food, caught a taxi to the train station for out ride back home.

A cheap and cheerful day!

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  1. Looks like a super fun day - I have to admit to a not so secret addiction to the coin dozer machines too but it doesn't take me long to lose all my money!