Friday, 30 May 2014

Tim's School Ball

Tim is growing up fast. 

Quick lesson on the Norwegain education system....

In the Norwegian education system children attend 'Barneskole' from Grade One to Grade Seven.

Barneskole is split into two sections. Grade 1-4 and Grade 5-7. They have different start times and expectations in each department. Each section is led by a deputy.

After Baneskole, students go to Ungdomsskole, (Highschool) for Grades 8-10.

So, as this is his last year of Barneskole there was a Skoleball, aka - School Prom.

So exciting (perhaps for me, more than him;)

Trying to be a good mum I signed up to make a cake. As the baker in our family was Stig, this was quite a challenge for me.
However, I am lucky to have amazing friends. Therefore my friend Karen came over and helped me produce a fancy pants, lets go all out for his prom cake:)

He was very proud to take this with him!

He was not loving me taking his picture outide our house before I dropped him off.

He was even less impressed when I made him pose with two of the lovely ladies from his class!

Love him - but would also love to slow down this growing up lark!

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