Saturday, 17 May 2014

National Day 2014!

Hipp Hipp Hurra!

I dag er 17. Mai!

Norway celebrates their consistution on the 17th May and today it is extra special as it is the 200 year anniversary.

17th May has always been a big thing in our house. It's a time to celebrate our norwegianess and we always spend the whole day as a family.

Even though (or maybe more so) our main norwegian influence is not with us this year I wanted to keep it special for the boys and I.

It was a tough day to experience without him, but we did it with smiles!

My MIL gave me her 'bunad', Norwegian national costume last October. This was the first 17th May I wore it. It means a great deal to me and I was proud to wear it.

The boys and I began the day relaxing at home and having a quiet breakfast together. We then got all dressed up and headed into town.

There is always an insane amount of people in our town on national day. We pushed our way through the crowds to meet up with the lovely G & I and family to eat lunch. 

On the way I had to stop and buy Tae a balloon - he was very happy with his choice. 

After all, National day is all about children having fun. 

After a delicious long lunch we headed back on the bybane (electric train) to our district. I want a t-shirt that says 'I went on the bybane on 17th May with 2 kids and SURVIVED!' It was crazy packed. 

I then dropped Tim off at the meeting place for the parade. He walked with his class and Tae and I drove over to the school to wait for them all in the playground.

The playground was packed. We caught up with lots of friends and ate yummy cakes and ice cream. It is tradition that children are allowed to eat as many ice creams as they want on the 17th May - Tae managed 3.

I didn't see much of Tim, he was off with his friends the whole time - a sure sign he was having a good time.

Tae completed all the fun traditional activities.

Hammering a nail into wood.

Walking on stilts.

Potato and spoon race.

The sack race.

He took it all very seriously and was so proud to have all the ticks on his card and recieve his medal.

A very busy, tiring, but fun day:)

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