Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympics 2012

The excitement of the Olympics is all over Britain at the moment. Since we visiting England while it was on, my sister and I took the opportuntity to take the boys to Old Trafford to see the Spain v Morocco match!

Tae, my mum and I went to the stadium to collect the tickets a few days ahead of the game. 


Once we had the tickets the boys really began to get excited about attending an Olympic event.

On the day we took the train and bus to the stadium. Tim was very excited, not only for the Olympic football match, but also for a day out with his cousins.

One of the reason we booked to watch the Spain v Morocco match was because of Tim's love of Barcelona!

Even though there was alot of people, there were many volunteers directing and helping people to get into the stadium quickly.



The atmosphere was amazing, we arrived early so got some drinks and snacks and soaked up the excitement!

The stadium was very full with all the supporters mixed together. We had great seats on row G in the South Stand. I was especially happy that we had padded seats which were very comfy!

The boys enjoyed all the cheering, clapping and mexican waves:)
The match itself had great play!
 I was very impressed that after all the hours I have spent watching Tim play over the years I actually know some of the rules:) I knew if it was a corner or who's ball it should be. The first half was pretty equal. However, Morocco's number 9,  Noureddine Amrabat stood out and may well be my new favourite player. Spain dominated the second half, but at the the final whistle it was still 0-0.

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