Monday, 20 August 2012

How they grow up!

I always saw myself as a mum to boys.

I don't know why, but I always thought I'd only have boys and was quite happy with the idea.

What I hadn't done is process what living with a house full of boys would mean after the baby phase. You know the days when you can dress them in cute clothes,make decisions for them and they are in bed by 7pm....sigh...

Well it doesn't quite work that way once they have passed 10 years old (and Tae is challenging his own clothes choices now!). Not in my house anyway. I am not saying it is all bad, but rather, I had not considered all that comes with growing boys;)  A quick glance in my life involves:

Reminders to put the toilet seat down
Putting teddy in someones face and saying 'teddy trumps' and general toilet humour
Nurf gun wars and the little pellets being found ALL over the house
Setting time limits on computer or iPad may induce a huffing and puffing reaction
Understanding the rules of football
Knowing which boxer shorts are trendy
Explaining that the square box in the corner of the bedroom is called a laundry bin
Locating a specific toy plane (because there IS a difference)
Trying to disguise the smell of sweaty football boots
ego everywhere (those bricks seriously hurt when stood on)
Yes, underwear must be changed every day!!!

I do joke! Seriously, my boys are amazing, funny,caring and loving, but wow, they are also smelly!!

As Tim grows I'm learning more and more.

Tim has been asserting his personality recently. Generally he is a clean and tidy individual, but I can see the tide changing as witnessed by his bedroom. Here is the before...

However, we are still at a stage where a quick request (with the added 'no computer time until I see your bedroom floor) and he creates magic in 10 minutes by returning it to it full glory of this..

Most things were put away properly, with the exception of what he refers to as the 'crap corner' behind the door (a special place to throw things that don't fit on the shelf or that he will soon need)!

I am proud at how he is growing up, if I can get him off the computer a little more, life would be great!!

All thoughts and prayers as the tween years continue please!

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