Thursday, 16 August 2012

Back to School August 2012

Today Tim started Grade 6!!!

He was very excited. I had to be at work so Tig took photos and made sure he got off to school on time.

This year he starts with a new subject called Food and Health. He is very keen to begin the once a month cookery lessons which are part of the course:) He had fun meeting up with all his friends and ended up going straight to someones house after school (obviouls ringing for permission first;). After dinner it was my turn to have a lovely, yet noisy group of boys with nerf guns in my house.

Tae also began back at Barnehage this week! He has moved into the 4 year old group, but still has the same staff.  He did not want to wear his backpack, as he usually justs climbs into the car .He was did however, want to keep hold of his apple which  he usually eats on the way:)

Nearly all his photos were out of focus. He kept hopping around giggling, smiling and shouting take my picture mummy! Even though it's out of focus it does capture his cheeky personality.

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