Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mr Tae gets his haircut

For the past seven years everyone in our house has been going to the same hairdressers. It is a great family run place that is really friendly. Tig, Tim and Tae all have the wonderful Frederik cutting their hair (I have his sister).

Tae has now graduated from sitting on my knee whilst getting his haircut to the special booster chair all on his own.

He did amazingly. He sat so still and moved his head just the right way when Frederik asked.

He loved the water spray and kept asking for more!! This amused Frederrik a great deal as during his first 2 haircuts a certain person screamed and objected very loudly and wiggled like crazy if the water spray was even placed near him!!

One of the reasons I love this place is the laid back atmosphere.  Back then when Tae objected to getting his haircut, Frederik calmly told me not to worry. The only person bothered by his objection was me and noone else cared about the noise!! Seriously - you have to love this guy!!

So here is Frederik doing his magic with a perfect model;)

Here is the future Tae with a five o' clock shadow!!

So I this morning Tae was in a silly mood, we were playing peek a boo and then he kept asking me to take his picture, so here he is modelling his new 'do'!!

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