Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Gone Fishing Part One - The Boys

Tim loves fishing and had been asking Tig for ages to take him. So it was decided that last weekend they would make time and fish!!

Well, I cannot translate onto this page how excited Tim was about this. A great deal of our conversations all week surrounded fish and fishing. Here is a post I put on Facebook about it:

"Loves being the mother of boys, but some days I'm clueless. Today 'Tim' asked if I knew the English name of some Norwegian fish. Erm... forgot to learn those ones in Norwegian class. Then I had to take him shopping for spinners - some type of fish hook for those non fishermen;)"

(FYI, I was told you can't choose a spinner just because it looks pretty;)

So by the time weekend arrived we were all set to go!!

Since it was not raining Tae and I tagged along to get some fresh air too.

It turned out to be a lovely crisp, misty day.


Tae wanted in on the action.

So, Tig decided to teach Tae and let him reel in the line.

Tae's first go at fishing!!

Fishing is hard work when you are two, so someone needed a few snack (ie sweetie) breaks.

Break over, back to fishing.

A very serious Tim.

....and he caught a fish!!!!!

Reeling it in.....

Throwing it onto the rocks.

Introducing himself;)

A very happy fisherman.

So after catching 2 fish and with the rain clouds appearing we went home .... and yes Tim actually ate one of the fish for his dinner.

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