Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hen Night - Norwegian Style

Well not exactly Norwegian style - more like my fabulous friends style.

Back in February, I packed my overnight bag, dropped the boys off with G and headed out for a night of fun with the girls.

All the ladies were instructed to bring warm clothes for a rustic cabin, sleeping bag and drinks.

When we arrived at the directions we were met by this....

Yes, is was February, in Norway and a Lavo (tent)! This was the sleeping accomodation. The social area was this...

Nice and cosy with a fire pit! 

We started off with a welcome drink, then were instructed to put on our head torches and off we went into the night.

After a little walk through the woods, we entered a cave, we went down a long passage until it opened up to a seating area and wine tasting experience with a difference!

A selection of nibbles were served with each wine.

Only my buddy I. could pull off fancy food in a cave in the middle of nowhere.

Once we had our wine course and starters we headed into the dark night on a treasure hunt, answering questions along the way about the bride (who was sporting a wonderful retro 80's wedding dress).

We headed back to the party tent (a whole new meaning of the word) for an amazing feast of beef, duck, chicken and reiendeer, served with oven baked almond potatoes, tzaziki, foccacia bread with creme brule for dessert!! Again what can I say - when your best friend is a chef life is always better;)

We partied into the early hours then stumbled with our head torches to the sleeping tent. It was quite a cool night in all sense of the word. We woke in the morning to snow on the ground!!

It was a great adventure and a perfect way to celebrate the soon to be wedding of a dear friend. 

Once we were up we had an amazing breakfast delivered by the local farmer.

Considering the night we had I think we do not too bad the next morning before we all headed home.

All photos are from my iPhone, not great, but capture the memory!!

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