Monday, 20 April 2015

February - Trip to England

Back during Winter Break in February, the boys and I headed to the UK for a quick 4 day visit to see my family.

We are getting good at catching the bus to the airport and doing self service check-in!

Tim especially loves checking in himself. I think he secretly believes he is 007!!

You have no idea how much fun my kids have on airport trolleys - I reckon Tae is getting a little too big to travel on the under rack now!

Once we got to the UK they had lots of fun with the cousins.

Tim and T (as usual) spent their time being teenagers locked away together with laptops and iPads.

We picked H up from school,

and then Tae and H played school at home.

There was quite a bit of shopping to be done including a new suit, smart boots, rugby boots, trainers and hoodies for a growing teenager. Little man got his fair too. 

The time flew and we had to head back to the airport to fly home.

Before leaving the UK I had to squeeze in a starbucks bacon buttie at the airport.

and a silly photo of the boys on the plane:)

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