Sunday, 1 February 2015

Ice Skating Fun

Since most of the winter around here is usally very grey and usually wet, we make the most of it when the sun shines and the sky is blue!

So I packed the boys in the car and we headed to the local outdoor icerink.

I threw together some hot chocolate and Tim found a big bar of chocolate for us to snack on.

As the boys have both grown, we had to try a few pairs of ice skates from our collection to see what we had that fitted. Tim has now take over Stig's old ice skates - shocking... how can my boy be so big??? Tae is now in an old pair of Tim's (with an extra pair of woolen socks;)

Both boys were excited to get on the ice.

It was not as busy as I thought, but we still had to que to get in. So we got our skates on and hit the ice.

Tae held himself much better this year. It is amazing how much he has developed in skill and confidence. Straight away, he only needed his hand held - and not held up by us like last year!

I took him first then Tim had a go with him.

Half way around the first lap Tae decided he could do it on his own and off he went!! 

Yay!! A very proud mummy to finally have an independant skater:)

Seriously, he was so determind and just kept on going:)

To celebrate, we had a hot chocolate break - we really are not that hard core - it is all about having fun:)

Back on ice and 'Mr. I can now skate', kept getting cross because his big brother could skate faster than him - oh joy!

Although Tae needs to demonstrate a little more grace, Tim was very good and stayed either behind or next to him. 

Tae also became a whizz at getting up himself if he fell over (my back loves him a little bit more for this;)

 Tae also held on tight as Tim pulled him along the ice fast.

and to finish. My eldest reluctantly agreed to his picture with me, because 'selfies are totally not cool' apparently. I explained I wanted to capture our day together and he gave in 'just this once;)'

Happy boys = happy mummy

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