Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tim Starts Grade 8

Tim had a slow start back to school after the summer.

He was due to start his new school (Ungdomskole) the same week as Tae back in the middle of August.

Due the the Norwegian teachers striking and his school being one of the first school pulled out, he did not actually start until last Tuesday (2nd Sept).

Although he was excited to start his new school, as a typical 13 year old, two weeks extra summer holiday was quite a postivie outcome for him.

He did however have to turn up to school on two occassions to collect all his text books and then to have his photo taken for the school yearbook.

They have a serious amount of books this year!

So on his first venture out, I tried to take his picture...

He was not feeling the love and did not cooperate as he really didn't wish his picture taken. But with a little persuasion I did get this..

Ahh - the joy of being a mother to a teenager:)

I managed to snap some shots of him riding off down the drive with his two friends who called for him on the way to their first day.

On his 'official' first day - the one where he actually stayed all day and lessons started he humoured me by allowing a few shots in the driveway.

He was very pleased with his trendy Superdry backpack too!

So a new era with a high school student begins - Lord help me!!!

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