Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The end of Day Care - Forever!!

My little man had his last day at Barnehage last week.

He agreed to have his photo taken outside with the picture that I took on his first day 4 years ago (although he did not agree to smile;)

It was a mixed bag of emotions.

He has matured so much in the last few months.

Even though I was slightly worried at first, I now fully believe he is ready to start school

Tae however, has informed me he is not quite big enough to start school yet. He needs to grow a little more first. (he shows me with his hands about 10cm;)

The real question that should be asked - is school ready for him? 

The staff at his daycare have been amazing. He had 2 years of consistent care in the origianl building. It then burnt down the the ground. He was put on a bus each monring for the next 9 months before returning to temporary accomation on the origianl sight as the new building was completed.

He has had amazing experiences with staff who truely care. Not once in 4 years has he objected to going.

Now he has a great summer of fun before he starts school in August!

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