Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sister Visit

My sister did a flying visit a couple of weeks ago. She flew in Friday night and left Sunday evening.

Even though her flight was delayed due to a storm (let's not discuss her fear of flying and the fun winding her up we had;), we were up early Saturday and headed into town.

She came with her friend and eldest son BJ.

BJ and Tim did their thing all weekend and we did ours.

It was fun being a tourist in my hometown and we covered all the high spots. Tae had fun being spoilt and indulged by his auntie too.

Since BJ was around to babysit, we took the chance and went into town for dinner. Cocktails were involved:)

On Sunday I dropped Tim and BJ at the ice rink and we covered a few more hotspots.

A short, busy, fun visit and great to catch up!

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