Monday, 19 August 2013

Back to School

I started back at work last Monday and today was Tim's turn. Tae has been in and out of daycare since we came back to Norway.

Introducing my Seventh Grader!!

He was very reluctant to have his photo taken today and basically I made him! However, I had to be really quick:0 It should be an interesting year! (he is incredibly tired too)

Tae started his final year in daycare and is now in the group that prepare for starting Grade 1 in school next year.

He loves going and is happy to be dropped off each day. When I collect him, the first thing he says in the car is 'barnegage is fun!' hope this continues:)

He was very happy to have his photo taken (and stood hopping up and down saying take a picture of meeeee), he ended up photobombing many of Tim's shots!

Love my boys!


  1. Happy First Day of School! I said a prayer for you this morning.

  2. Flotte bilder av flotte barn! Lykke til med siste år på barneskolen og i barnehagen