Monday, 25 March 2013

Flying Solo

A big event happened in our family this weekend!


.....and that was just how I felt!!

Tim took his first trip to visit our family in England ON HIS OWN.

Yes - international flight!

I thought it would be a good idea for him to spend some time with his cousins and Nana and Granddad  so in my wisdom suggested it. 

He was very excited. I drove him to the airport on Friday night, checked him in and even went through security with him. I then handed him over to an airport staff member who took him through to the gate.

He traveled as an escorted minor and my mum and dad had to sign for him at the other end.

He did great. The flight was just under 2 hours. He said it was very bumpy when it landed which made him a little nervous since he was on his own. The highlight was that when he ordered himself a sprite whilst in the air, the air steward did not charge him - free brus is always a winner for any eleven year old:).

(this is his - 'do not take my photo - I am ignoring you' face)

He is now on his way back home after a fun filled weekend in England. He has spent lots of time with his cousin T. and been spoilt rotten by his grandparents. I do not think the word no was on the agenda.

However, he has been missed. I for one am very ready to have him home. Tae has also asked at LEAST 3 times everyday if we can go to the airport to pick up Tim.

So count down begins, and lets be honest all the goodies my mum has sent back with him are a bonus too!

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