Sunday, 10 March 2013

A day with Tae

As Tim had headed off into the wilderness for the weekend and Tig was off brewing beer with his friend, Tae and I had the whole of Saturday to ourselves!

Since we had to drop Tig off in town, I decided to take Tae to the fish market and harbor to boat watch.

It was really quiet when we arrived.

We headed straight to the fish market.

Who needs to pay to visit the aquarium;)

Then off for some boat spotting.

Followed by some running around the harbor.

It does not take much to keep this boy happy:)

The beautiful views certainly help.

All less than a 10 minute drive from my house:)

It was quite cold at only 1c, so after exploring a little more we headed home to build with wooden blocks, watch Peppa Pig and have lots of cuddles on the sofa:)


  1. I paged up and down several times just to admire the beautiful Norwegian landscape! Gorgeous photos! Isn't your son just adorable with his super chic winter outfit?

    1. Thanks you. Norway is beautiful, sometimes I do take it all for granted being surrounded by history and nature:0

  2. I was going to say - those views and that landscape certainly helps doesn't it. Your little Tae reminds me so much of my George - I think they are a similar age. Cheeky and handsome (both of them)!

    1. I also think they are similar ages and both cutie pies:)