Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It has been a while .....

I have taken a little unintended break from the blog. Even since Christmas I have posted mostly photos and not too many details on what we have been up to. 

It has been crazy busy, crazy stressful and slightly chaotic, hence the need to have a break and just breathe;)

Winter here is dark, cold and wet, with some snow thrown in. 

Although, some members of our family still get their shorts out!

 Living in the city that I do, I always know I have to suck it up and survive until March when the lighter days arrive!!

March has involved both day trips and weekend trips to the mountain to ski and more ice skating.

Mr Tae is very proud to be able to get on - stay on - and get off the lift all.by.himself - because he is a big boy (just in case you didn't know;)

There have also been a few parties 

and work for both Tim and I.

Quick updates that need documenting including his first work day for his school's charity at our friends restaurant.

He loved every part of it!!

This was followed by his first official paying real job - back in November the local authority had an initative to encourage more males into child care. One way is to invite Grade 8 boys to apply for short term contracts as 'play resources' for local daycare centers. Tim applied and got one of the 10 positions advertised. He has worked 4 hours per week after school for the month of March. He now has a reference and is available for babysitting jobs!!

More detailed blogs to come will be my weekend in a lavo, our trip to England and a new treadmill in our house.

Life may be tough, but it is moving on. Taking a break to stop and breathe is a good thing. Tim and I do chat a great deal on all sorts of things. At times it is still totally rubbish, but I can see a small transitions. We are slowly moving from describing how life is from 'everything sucks' to 'everything is relative' - a little understanding on how our life today is evolving and emerging.

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