Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Games Time!

We had a few rainy days last week so in between sorting my house and trips to the tip the boys and I got out some board games.

I am not a fan of games. That was Stig's department - however, needs must!

We started with Tae's all time favourite 'Tumblin' Monkeys'. It is the modern day version of a game I did actually like as a child called 'Kaplunk'.

We have had this game for many years, Tae inherited from Tim. We initially began playing this with him a few years ago to try to introduce him to game playing and taking turns. 

Tim was and still is very patient with him.

The only problem we now have is that when he was little he loved the monkeys falling. Obviously we changed the rules to make it the most fun and the winner is the one who drops the most monkeys!! Can't really be a rule changer now.

They had fun playing that for a while.

We then moved onto a classic - Monopoly.

I played with Tae against Tim. Obviously Tae chose the airplane as our symbol. He was in charge of the die throwing, moving the counter and looking after all the property I bought;)

Tim took control of running the game and relished being the banker (just like his father;)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The end of Day Care - Forever!!

My little man had his last day at Barnehage last week.

He agreed to have his photo taken outside with the picture that I took on his first day 4 years ago (although he did not agree to smile;)

It was a mixed bag of emotions.

He has matured so much in the last few months.

Even though I was slightly worried at first, I now fully believe he is ready to start school

Tae however, has informed me he is not quite big enough to start school yet. He needs to grow a little more first. (he shows me with his hands about 10cm;)

The real question that should be asked - is school ready for him? 

The staff at his daycare have been amazing. He had 2 years of consistent care in the origianl building. It then burnt down the the ground. He was put on a bus each monring for the next 9 months before returning to temporary accomation on the origianl sight as the new building was completed.

He has had amazing experiences with staff who truely care. Not once in 4 years has he objected to going.

Now he has a great summer of fun before he starts school in August!