Saturday, 6 July 2013

Where it began

19 years ago I spent 3 weeks during the summer visiting my cousin in the middle of nowhere in Norway. We relaxed on the island where she lived with her family and only went out to buy food. My last weekend we decided to hit the local 'town' for drinks - 30 minutes away.

At the end of the evening, I approached a friendly looking guy at the bar. There was A LOT of very drunk people in the place and I just wanted to relax and chat.

I asked him if he spoke English - yes
I asked him if he was drunk - no
(he lied;)

So we sat and chatted away for over one hour. When it was time to leave, he handed me his card and told me to call him the following week when I arrived in the main town ready to fly home. He said he'd pick me up and take me to lunch.

So I called him from the boat. I still smile when he said,"OK, I'll wait on the quayside. I will be next to my car, it is a white B...M...W." 

Sounded good to me;)

So he picked me up, shared lunch and drove me to the airport. Over lunch he explained he was visiting London for business 3 weeks later. 

Being my sunny self, I offered to show him around London!

Sounds great right! I had never been to London before, except as a child with my folks. I am a northern girl - didn't really think he'd phone - but he did.

So after a long weekend in London we finally got together!

We were sooo different. The straight laced businessman in his smart clothes and the grungy student with the cherry red Dr Martins. The man had never owned a denim shirt people!!

But, we just clicked - they say opposites attract, that was us! Him the laid back 29 year old businessman living in Norway, Me, the impulsive 22 year old student living in England.

and so it began..... 5 years later after many, many flights between our countries I agreed to marry the handsome devil and relocate to Norway:)

We balanced each other out - we were good for each other - we were a team.


  1. I'm sure the memories are difficult right now so thank for sharing. I haven't stopped thinking about you and your boys. Continued prayers.

  2. A lovely story and it's good to keep documenting them, thinking of you xxxx

  3. Thinking of you!! Prayers, big hugs, for you and those sweet boys!